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Re: [SLUG] How far can you push rsync?

>>>>> "HL" == Howard Lowndes <lannet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    HL> I have a need to cron sync selected partitions on two boxes
    HL> over a network.  The problem is that the partitions are not a
    HL> file system known to Linux, in fact they are Pick D3 file
    HL> systems.

    HL> Can rsync handle this or does it need to know about the file
    HL> system?

I'm sure rsync could simply be told to treat each filesystems as a
large binary file, using the block device special file (/dev/hdb2 and
so on).  For this to work, Pick will have to be using standard
partition tables, or at least a type that Linux can be compiled to
recognise.  The filesystems should not be mounted when the backup is
being done.  This will probably be the case, unless you have some kind
of crazy shared-SCSI or fibre-channel set-up.

    HL> If it can handle this what sort of syntax would be likely?

Something like:

rsync /dev/hdb1 host:/the/place/to/put/the/hdb1

with whatever options suit.  The user that rsync is running as will
need to be in the disk group, at a minimum, in order to access the
filesystems directly via the block device files.

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