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Re: [SLUG] Weird module behaviour - SuSE 7.2

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Grant Byers wrote:

> > What I'm trying to find out is WHY this won't work on bootup? I've
> > manually added the insmod command to boot.local so it runs now - but I
> > shouldn't have had to do that.
> Hi Dazza,
> I don't have a cd-writer, but try this..
> Grab your device numbers and add an alias to /etc/modules.conf
> ie. ls -l /dev/hdd
> brw-rw----	1	root	root	22,	64	<date>	/dev/hdd
> So it's a block-major-22-64 :-
> alias block-major-22-64	ide-scsi
> now depmod -a to update
> OK, now whenever something wants to access this device, it should be
> automatically loaded.

Thanks for that, but I've just stuck the appropriate insmod line into

All I have to remember is to update it when I recompile the kernel. :-)