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Re: [SLUG] Follow up from Jan

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001 torqumada@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > Its nearly impossible to get faster than a good native-code solution,
> another generalisation..

Hrm... Aside from the obvious possibility where the native-code solutions
is poorly coded and the interpreted-code solution is well coded, I fail to
see how a native-code solution can be slower...

Even if, as people have said, you have a nearly perfect interpreter, there
is still some overhead associated with the fact that there is
interpretation happening at least once...

As you've said frequently, this may be just my lack of experience
speaking... I'd appreciate it if anyone was able to enlighten me...

> > and any Java VM is going to be slower than well-generated native code
> more generalisations/trolling

Which is all you've provided *shrug*