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Re: [SLUG] the way of the future

On 05-Aug-2001 Herbert Xu wrote:
> Dave Fitch <davidf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> have a read of:
>> http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20010802.html
>> he starts off talking about M$ and viruses but soon gets 
>> interesting and relevent.
> Well the bit about raw sockets is pretty silly.

actually, I'm not so sure that it is so silly. I think you're not understanding
(or just downplaying) the issues / technology if you really think this is just
"so silly". check out the articles at grc.com


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   software that's available on time.  You can usually release software
   that has 2 of these 3 attributes -- but not all 3.
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