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Re: [SLUG] UPS recommendations?

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Stephen Robert Norris wrote:

> > > I've got 4 PCs, a scanner and a few bits of network hardware that need
> > > to run on it, plus at least one monitor (21"). My rough estimate would
> > > be that that's about 600-700VA.
> > Not even close.
> Really? Why? The compliance plate maximum draws for the power supplies
> are in the order of 200W each, and the monitor is 120W, so that's less
> then 1KVA.
> At work we have 20 machines with similar power supplies and their total load
> is less than 5A at 240V... That includes a 15" monitor.

Watts drawn != VA rating on UPS.

Check out the following page.