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Re: [SLUG] DNS BIND: what's happen....?

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Subject: Re: [SLUG] DNS BIND: what's happen....?

> Sluggers,
> Its not funny to see that people jump very quickly onto a distro war but
> do not see the real problems this thread (and others before) actually
> uncovered, or better the ideas of linux some people actually have:
> > >>You can actually use bindconf-gui.  (In fact red-hat tell you that you
> > >>must use it or not to use named at all)
> NO!

YES.  This is not me saying this, its the official RedHat Customisation
guide.  Please SHOUT at me if you dont agree.  I am simply quoting the book.
(page 119 of Customisation guide)
> > My only advice is: If you change something, reboot the machine to make
> > sure the change is permanent.
> Linux != Windows. You only need to reboot Linux to change the hardware.
> > The directory /etc/alchemist/namespace/dns has something to do with the
> > magic.
> There is no magic in this.
Might not be magic, but it sure is not well documented.

> >     Do Not Edit /etc/named.conf......

> I did this last night: "auth-nxdomain no;"

I know, me too (several weeks ago).  Once again I thought I had clearly
quoted the book.  Even went on to say that I did manage to edit the files
manually but with the appropriate caveat.  Run bindconf-gui again on your
machine and see what happens to your "auth-nxdomain no" line when you click
the save (apply ??) button.
> What *REALLY* worries me are sentences like ".. reboot the machine to make
> or "do not edit named.conf", THESE are the real issues .....