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Re: [SLUG] Dual video cards and X?

<quote who="Stephen Graham">

> I have a spare video card floating around and was wondering if anyone had
> experimented with running X with two video cards.  Google unfortunately
> failed to helpme find anything relevant.

I have a Matrox G450, which has two video outputs, but the setup is much the

> If two-headed X (one X session on the two monitors) is nto possible, could
> you map one card to display :7 and the other to :8?

There's two ways that this works:

  Traditional Multidisplay - You have display 0 and display 1, you cannot
  drag windows between them and you have to use DISPLAY or a parameter to
  most programs to run it on the second display. Not many window managers
  have *great* support for this.

  Xinerama - a single display expands across the two monitors. This is new
  in XFree86 4. It's somewhat inefficient and memory hoggy, but it's very
  usable and cool anyway. Most of the more modern window managers support

I'll pop up my XFree86 config if anyone's interested. I would be interested
to see if I can improve it in any way too. Worthwhile?

- Jeff

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