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James Peter Gregory wrote:

> > I can't find decent documentation on this anywhere, in fact pretty much
> > all the documentation on ldap is crap.
> I wouldn't say that. I found some really good stuff. Unfortuantely I don't
> have any links for it.

Yeah, that was a "heat of the moment" statement, though a lot of the docs out there
do assume a little too much IMO (damn I hope that stands for "in my opinion").

> > If anyone knows where I could find documentation that tells me the exact
> > steps to setting this up, it would be appreciated.
> I started writing a howto document which covers a lot of what you're trying
> to do. It's not finished, but it might help:
> http://www.ug.cs.usyd.edu.au/~jgregory/pam_ldap.html
> any feedback on above would be appreciated - I might get around to finishing
> it then.

That was exactly what I needed, thanks heaps. Consider many hours saved.

I have a couple of ideas for your howto, will contact you off list soon.