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Re: [SLUG] Another report from the trenches

>>>>> "JW" == Jeff Waugh <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> A question for debian experts : is it possible to take the
    >> dselect database, have it tell you what changes _you_ made
    >> (e.g.  /etc/printcap) and bundle all up in a load and go for
    >> other machines?

    JW> This is a BIG missing feature with Debian's releases to
    JW> date. I highly recommend FAI (Fully Automated Install) to
    JW> solve this problem.

dpkg has a feature where you can dump out the current installed set of
packages with `dpkg --get-selections' and then load that data into
another machine with `dpkg --det-selections'.  Then do `apt-get
dselect-upgrade' to apply the selections.

Another approach (which would be closer to a total solution) would be
to build a .deb that depends on all your required packages, and that
would then install your custom config files.  I have zero skill in
building debs, though, so I'd be no help to you in this.

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