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Re: [SLUG] Building a house of cards.

Yup, I have two and they work fine.... (last time I used them which was
a few months back)

Works eactly like a standard keyboard except it is missing a few keys.
So you might want to do a few modmap changes if you want those keys. 

The big button marked "delete" where you would expect the "backspace"
button works like backspace. The apple key I think is the same as a
windows key... (at least it was when I plugged mine into a windows box)

The missing bits are from the block of
insert/delete/home/end/pgup/pgdown...  you only have four of those keys....
(i forget which ones) (one of them is marked "help", i think)


On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 10:24:05AM +1000, Steven downing wrote:
> I know there's a few Mac evangelists hanging around here,
> so are any of you using one of the new iMac type
> USB keyboards on PC/Intel hardware under Linux.
> Googling has revealed that it works, (both Linux and
> Win98) but I'm hoping someone has direct knowledge
> (Craige?).  Tips for key modmaps, XFree setup and the like.
> RTFM pointers, URL's, whatever.
> Steve
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