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Re: [SLUG] Linux Instructor

Daniel Whomes wrote:
> Terry,
> Drop the 'God' complex. Those days are gone. In the market today, candidates
> are sometimes, believe it or not, 'happy' that I might be trying my hardest
> to contact them in regards to a new job. I know clients appreciate these
> efforts when they are desparate to fill a position. So thanks for the
> website, but the comments aren't needed and are childish.


Yes, I am CC'ing your private reply to the Slug list.


It has nothing to do with GOD or children. Agencies are NOT welcome on
the Slug list - end of story.

You are basically asking people to pay for receiving advertising from
you. You are advertising to make money for yourself. I object to you
taking money out of my pocket so you can put money in your pocket. Yes,
people have to pay to receive that spam that you sent.

You are right, the days are gone when people meakly accepted work
offered to them. They know the blood, sweat and tears that they have had
to do to build up a competitive set of skills in a changing marketplace
where company loyalty is just a hollow phrase.

I CC'd your private email to the Slug list bcause of your self-righteous
attitude that you have the authority to spam the Slug list whilst
seeking to line your pockets.  "I know clients appreciate these efforts
when they are desparate to fill a position" 

A) If someone (not your client) is desperate to find a position, don't
you think they would have already sent you their CV? Although I doubt
that any person on this list will now send you their resume. Linux
skilled people are not stupid. 

B) All you have done is call into question your own ethics and the
ethics of AustCorp Recruitment and that is why I have CC'd this to the
Slug list. You can bet your bottom dollar that your "client" will now
know of your unethical approach. We would like to know if your "client"
supports this approach because it would call into question their own

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