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[SLUG] CFP: AUUG 2001 - Always On and Everywhere

AUUG (the Australian Unix User Group) is looking for some more Linux
hackers for its annual conference, which is in Sydney this year. This
is your next chance to party^Whack with the usual oz Linux crowd, plus
some BSD and other Unix fans thrown in for good measure.

For more details see http://www.auug.org.au/winter/auug2001/

Proposal submissions close June 15, so get in quick ...


                          Call for Papers

             AUUG 2001 - Always On and Everywhere

The AUUG Annual Conference will be held in Sydney, Australia, 26, 27
and 28 September 2001.

The Conference will be preceded by three days of tutorials, to be held
on 23, 24 and 25 September 2001.

The Programme Committee invites proposals for papers and tutorials
relating to:

     Security in the Enterprise 
     Applications made possible by Open Source 
     Technical aspects of Computing. 
     Networking in the Enterprise. 
     Business Experience and Case Studies 
     Open Source projects 
     Business cases for Open Source 
     Technical aspects of Unix, Linux, and BSD variants 
     Open Systems or other operating systems 
     Computer Security 
     Performance Management and Measurement 
     Networking, Internet (including the World Wide Web) 

Presentations may be given as tutorials, technical papers, or
management studies.  Technical papers are designed for those who need
in-depth knowledge, whereas management studies present case studies of
real-life experiences in the conference's fields of interest.

A written paper, for inclusion in the conference proceedings
must accompany all presentations.

Speakers may select one of two presentation formats:

Technical presentation:

     A 25-minute talk, with 5 minutes for questions.

Management presentation:

     A 20-25 minute talk, with 5-10 minutes for questions (i.e.
     a total 30 minutes).

Panel sessions will also be timetabled in the conference and speakers
should indicate their willingness to participate, and may like to
suggest panel topics.

Tutorials, which may be of either a technical or management
orientation, provide a more thorough presentation, of either a
half-day or full-day duration.

Representing the largest Technical Computing event held in Australia,
this conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to present your
ideas and experiences to an audience with a major influence on the
direction of Computing in Australia.

Submission Guidelines

Those proposing to submit papers should submit an extended abstract
(1-3 pages) and a brief biography, and clearly indicate their
preferred presentation format.

Those submitting tutorial proposals should submit an outline of the
tutorial and a brief biography, and clearly indicate whether the
tutorial is of half-day or full-day duration.

Speaker Incentives

Presenters of papers are afforded complimentary conference

Tutorial presenters may select 25% of the profit of their session OR
complimentary conference registration. Past experience suggests that a
successful tutorial session of either duration can generate a
reasonable return to the presenter.

Please note that with the GST changes to tax legislation we will be
requiring the presentation of a tax invoice (which we will assist in
producing) containing an ABN for your payment. If that is not provided
then tax will have to be withheld from your payment.

Important Dates

  Abstracts/Proposals Due       15 June 2001
  Authors notified              6 July 2001
  Final copy due                24 August 2001

  Tutorials                     23-25 September 2001
  Conference                    26-28 September 2001

Proposals should be sent to:

  AUUG Inc.
  PO Box 366
  Kensington  NSW  2033

  Email: auug2001prog@xxxxxxxxxxx
  Phone: 1800 625 655 or +61 2 8824 9511
  Fax: +61 2 8824 9522