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Re: [SLUG] soundcard troubles

Hi Jeremy,

Have you tried using RedHat's sndconfig utility?  You can run it from
a prompt or a GUI.  I think it should be able to autodetect your sound
card or just allow you to select from a list (can't remember which
now!).  It worked on my notebook which is not a Toshiba, but has an
ESS Maestro on board.  If it doesn't support your sound card then it
will probably tell you too.

Also, if you have the most recent RedHat you should also have the 2.4
kernel right?  Previous kernels don't have built-in support for the
newest ESS Maestro cards.  I wasn't able to get my ESS card to work
under 2.2.x even with alot of fiddling around (but then again I'm only
a novice) = ).

Hope it helps