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[SLUG] Soundcard config. with Mandrake.

Heya, Linux gurus...a Newbie Question... How can I ascertain
the type of soundcard (if any) I've got and get it doing it's
thing? uname doesn't seem to do tell me about soundcards..When
I installed Mandrake, a soundcard wasn't recognised. I was given
this box, so don't exactly know what's inside. BTW, when attempting
to partion my harddrive, Linux kinda spat out 'doze 98 (having
decided it didn't want to co-exist happily. I must've done this
subconsciously 'cos I'd never have learnt so much if I was still
using "that other" OS.) I was still using 3.1 at the beginning
of the semester and am, as mentioned before a newbie, so please
don't flame me for this basic Q. I've done searches on the net
and tried to get my head around documentation but can't work
most of it out. :( Kind regards, Safari.
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