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Re: [SLUG] mutt and urls

<quote who="Mike Lake">

> Thanks heaps! Yes I use a gnome-terminal but never right clicked while the
> mouse was over a url so didn't know I could do that. Much easier than using
> urlview for a single url.

This is called 'dingus clicking' -> you might want to ask one of the
denizens of #gnome for the history of the term.

> Now I have to find out how to get it to open into an existing Netscape
> windows instead of starting a new Netscape.

Jump into gnomecc (the GNOME Control Center) and modify the url launching
settings in there (I forget which tab, as I'm currently sitting on the floor
at the SpankyHouse, on an X-less [1] terminal).

- Jeff

[1] Yes, X-less.

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