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Re: [SLUG] Re. Debian birth pangs: mail and Lilo ...

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Adam Bogacki wrote:

> By way of explanation:
> 	I have managed to open a connection via my ISP - which only seems
> to work as root - and found that Balsa sends mail but does receive it at
> the moment; I'm working on it. Mailx, Mutt, Pine, and Elm also do not
> seem to work.

Sending and receiving mail are fairly different tasks, on most ISP
setups. For one you probably connect to an smtp server, and for the
other you probably connect to a POP3 server. For collecting your mail
the standard approach is to use fetchmail. You should create a file
called .fetchmailrc in your home dir and it should contain something
like this for each mailbox you want to collect from:

poll <server address> proto POP3 user <username> pass <password> fetchall

where server address is usually mail.yourisp.com.au or similar. Then
when you fire up a mail reader it should be sitting right there.

> 	The other thing is that I have a few important message on my Win 98
> drive I wish to access as reasonably soon as possible. I'd appreciate
> advice on how to configure Lilo to allow the option between these two
> drives. At the moment it opens solely into Debian Linux - something
> Windows was usually accused of doing (i.e. hogging the system).

Lilo is lilo, on Debian the same as on whatever else you have used. edit
/etc/lilo.conf (as root) and add:


where x is the letter of the hard drive, so hda is the master on the
primary controller, hdb is the slave on the primary controller, hdc is
the master on the secondary controller and so on. n is an optional
letter describing which partition it lives on, with no number referring
to the master boot record. So for example hda1 would be the first
partition on the primary master.

There are plenty more options here, for single key booting and more,
check out man lilo, man lilo.conf and less
/usr/share/doc/lilo/Manual.txt (which may be compressed)

After that run lilo as root to write the changes.