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Re: [SLUG] Non-GUI ppp configuration for RedHat?

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 11:27:02PM +1000, David Kempe uttered:

> Whats the problem with linuxconf?
> Does ncurses count as non-GUI?

That's what I thought -- it used to be there in older RH versions.  I
ask you, what's the point of a centralised configuration tool if you
don't centralise all the configuration in it?  The RH manual suggests
kppp and RP3, both GUI apps.

But then that's not surprising considering "Chapter 6: Text Mode
Installations at a Glance" has a section "6.21: Configuring the X
Window System"...

I'm forced to conclude that RedHat can no longer be configure without
X.  For that reason it is no longer suitable for servers.

Yes yes I know I can always point it to an X server somewhere over a
network but I don't always have one available and I like being able to
configure/fix machines from ANYWHERE.  Hell I was doing sysadmin stuff
from Internet cafes in the middle of Vietnam last year!

As for those who suggested writing my own script for pppd, yes I could
do that (and indeed have in the past) but then I could also build my
own distribution from scratch.  There's not much point when others
have done such a good job.  Better to just reinstall, this time with

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