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Re: [SLUG] Linux Electronic Voting Software

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 08:55:30PM +1000, Terry Collins uttered:

> I need to do some arguments to can/undermine  a proposal put to the NSW
> Greens whereby they buy some closed source electronic voting software
> and pay a fee per vote cast.

How can I be sure someone isn't fiddling the votes without being able
to see the source?  Even with the source you'd need to have the
compiler options and library versions so you could compare the
compiled software with the source to ensure no mods were made when

Electronic voting is a nice idea but I think it's a bit early to go
headlong into it, particularly for important things like major
political parties.

Is this to be used just to poll members for their views on issues or
to elect candidates/leaders etc?  If it's the former, mabye.  For the
latter, I doubt Australian electoral law or the AEC would be up to
date enough yet.

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