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Re: [SLUG] Question on mail and procmail and sendmail etc............

Sometime around Sun, May 06, 2001 at 07:04:39PM +1000, Anand Kumria blurted out:
> > Also I gather that fetchmail would normally deposit all mail into 
> > /var/spool/mail/mikel if there was no procmail?
> Not quite. fetchmail talks to your local mail daemon (whatever that may be)
> which in turns deposits it in your mailspool.
> However it will notice that you have a .forward, so it runs procmail and
> hands over to procmail. If procmail is unable to file it anywhere it will
> return the mail into your mailspool.

Actually, to expand further:

fetchmail - grabs the mail via pop3 (or protocol of your choice) and pipes
it to:
sendmail (or mta of your choice) - which after processing the to address
selects a mailer (eg smtp, uucp...) which in this case is "local" (or
mail (or other "local" handler of choice) - notices that you have a .forward
file or if configured to check, a .procmailrc and uses that to decide what
to do with the email.

remember that sendmail and all other MTAs are just that, mail transport
agents. they don't do delivery to the local spool file or your folders.


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