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Re: [SLUG] erk, fetchmail

On Fri, 4 May 2001, John Clarke wrote:

> `fetchall' and `keep' are per-user options, so you could put something
> like this in your .fetchmailrc:
>   poll server1 protocol pop3 username "user1" password "password1" 
>     fetchall nokeep
>   poll server2 protocol pop3 username "user2" password "password2" 
>     nofetchall keep uidl
> The `uidl' option forces client-side tracking of newness of messages so
> that you download messages that you've not seen, rather then messages
> that no-one has seen.

Thanks, John, I did however notice that fetchmail complains about server
option after user options if I placed 'uidl' where you suggested in that
line... I fixed this by placing it closer to the 'poll' command :-)
(i.e. poll server2 uidl protocol pop3 username....)

Thanks a lot for your help!


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