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Re: [SLUG] iptables-1.2.1a error

Phillip was once rumoured to have said:

> I'm having problem with iptables...

> I just upgrade my kernel from 2.2.16 to 2.4.3

[misc stuff and blatently poor kernel build procedure snipped]

> For sure I've choose all option regarding iptables (in the kernel
> configuration I choose 'Y' not 'M')
> What should do to make the new iptables working properly?

First, You should read the kernel and netfilter HOWTOs carefully.

secondly, don't just compile in netfilter - I gave the reasons why you
shouldn't during my talk.  Build it as modules.

What you've probably done is built netfilter with the ipfwadm
compatibility compiled in, which is mutually exclusive with iptables
and ipchains support.

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