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Re: [SLUG] Fetchmail setup

* This one time, at band camp, Andy Eager said:
> When it download a test email, it bombed out after the read saying:
>   " SMPT connect to localhost failed"
> Does this mean I need to have sendmail running as well ?
> Can't it just download the messages on its own and leave them somewhere for me to
> read them later ?

Extract from `man fetchmail`
 fetchmail is a mail-retrieval and forwarding  utility;  it
 fetches  mail  from  remote mailservers and forwards it to
 your local (client) machine's delivery  system.

This means that, yes, you need sendmail running too.

Sendmail = MDA (mail delivery agent)
Fetchmail = MRA (mail retrival agent)

Therefore fetchmail gets the mail from your remote server (the ISP pop
server) and passes it onto your local sendmail server, which delivers it
according to its own rules (usually to /var/mail/USER)

If you need a hand setting it up, give me a yell off list.

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