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[SLUG] Open Magazine Review

I've got a couple of issues of Andover.net's Open magazine which is
purported to be a magazine for the open source community. I though peopl
emight like a rundown of it for general interest.
I've got the September and the August issues so far.

Apart from being a vehicle for advertising to see how many ways Tux can be
used in advertising, the magazine is still in quite an immature stage
(obviously). Content is a bit short and is very Andover focussed. For
example, there are articles from Andover's webmaster and systems engineer
and no shortage of Andover network ads for Slashdot, freshmeat etc.
One intersting feature is the developing Openbench labs articles which
exist to, well, benchmark things. The Sept issue loks at SCSI controllers
and drivers and shows how for US$5000 you can configure a linux server to
deliver upwards of 1000 I/O's per second.
There are also various articles detailing technology options like data
backup and some case studies into Open Source startups and so on.

Bottom line: I had had to pay - I wouldn't :). However, this is being sent
to me free for now which is great or get your company to subscribe. It could
shape up well though so keep an eye on it a couple of months from now.