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Re: [SLUG] Getting rid of Netscape Mail

> Matt Allen wrote:
> Anyone have any idea on how i got about it? I looked at mutt.org and though the
> LDP to see if i could find anything.
> I have managed to the mutt to read my Inbox mbox of netscape, but i dont know
> how to get it to read/organise them all.

The best way to find out more about mutt is to look at example .muttrc's -
Telsa Gwynne <URL: http://www.linux.org.uk/~telsa/> and Tom Gilbert <URL:
http://www.linuxbrit.co.uk/> have great ones - very well-documented. There
are a bunch more on the mutt site.

The reference guide on mutt.org is invaluable if you decide to do tricky
things... I've never actually seen anyone use mutt without customising it
(which I think is a great way of securing your mail for about 30 seconds -
just make it so they have no idea which key does what).

Oh, and congratulations on choosing a real mailer. ;)

- Jeff

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