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Re: [SLUG] Any Modem Gurus?

>I rang my ISP's tech support thinking it was probably a fault at their server
>(they fall over frequently during lightning) but they said I was the only one
>reporting a problem from Gosford. They suggested that my modem was damaged (b
>lightning or other reason). I'm sceptacle - is it reasonable that a modem wou
>be only partially broken? Could the modem affect the way domain names are
>processed?  I'd guess that domain name processing was a software task.

Are sceptacles glasses for sceptics? :-)

I find it very hard to believe a modem problem would affect only DNS. If
the IP connection works, and nothing else changed, then so should DNS.
Perhaps their DNS server got zapped and they switched to another server,
but you have the old address in resolv.conf. Maybe the Windoze users are
getting their config via DHCP or something and got the update
automatically. Ask your ISP again what the DNS servers' IP addresses
should be. You can test each one separately with, e.g.:

	dig @ www.slug.org.au
	dig @ www.slug.org.au

and see if you get any response.