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Re: [SLUG] How to recover a failed Debian installation?

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 11:38:45PM +1100, Terry Collins wrote:
> I was part way through a Debian installation, it has just finished
> asking the question about source CDs ad looked at 3 CDs, when a message
> listing a pile of packages wrapped across the screen and about having
> 0/180Mb to install came up and it stopped taking input from the
> keyboard. The other terms were present. The system rebooted okay, but I
> only have 79Mb of stuff installed.
> So, I'm wandering how to pick up from where it failed.

Check /etc/apt/source.list and see if it has listed the CDs you entered.

If not, use `apt-cdrom add' for each CD-ROM that has packages.

Just after the source CD selection it (IIRC) presents you either with:
 a. anXious - to configure your X server
 b. tasksel - to select the packages you wish to install

In your situation I'd run tasksel (apt-get install tasksel) and select
any appropriate tasks. If you need to/would like to check out anXious
`apt-get install xviddetect'.

After that the installer installs its stuff and reboots and presents you
with first login. It then recommends you run dselect (or you can do 
`apt-get -u dselect-upgrade' -- but you should do one of them). Once that
is done you will be finished.