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Re: [SLUG] Mozilla

On 26 Sep, 2000 - 14:05:36, Jason Rennie wrote:
>> Let's see, Mozilla have been at it how long? 2 1/2 years?
>> MS managed to usurp the entire browser market in the same time :(
>> Their browser is world class and supports all the W3C (or should
>> I say MS) standards.
> Have you actaully used IE 5.5 ?
> I saw sombody "boasting" that it had an added security features, like
> being able to reject cookies not set by the same domain as the page. Not
> like netscape ahsn;t had this since verison 4 (at least).
> Besides, IE still crashes my whoel machine when it goes down.

well that isn't a fault in IE (the fact that the OS crashed):
if a buggy app brings down an OS, it is a problem in the OS
(so running IE under another OS - Linux for instance, can easily
solve this problem :-).

> Long live nutscrape

I hope not!
Even IE under Win4Lin/Linux seems to be faster than native
The sooner Netscape is replaced by Konqueror / Mozilla / Galeon /
2-tin-cans+string the better  :-)