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RE: [SLUG] win4lin

Maybe you havent tweaked your virtual machine. I think by default it selects
1/3 of your ram by default for the VM, although I could be very wrong.

Networking definately works, and 128 meg is bare minimum I'd consider
running VMware.

As for the jerkiness during intensive disk operation, make sure you have
loaded the VMware Display drivers which increase the refresh rate in X /
Windows in the VM by 300%. You can also try providing the VM with more RAM
to move. Might be an idea to watch the CPU Utilisation when your machine
slows to see what is causing it.

Hope this helps


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I have just been playing with VMware Eval License and I found it realy easy
to install and doco was great as well. However, despite 700Mhz and 128MB, I
find the performance quite bad. Lots of jerkiness especially during disk
intensive operation. Maybe it's not quite correctly tweaked yet, but I will
have another go anyway.

However I also had a go at Win4Lin a while ago and found that quite easy to
install as well (except for the Kernel patch) and performance was definitely
better. However no networking at that stage (Is there networking support

Price for VMware is also high at US$299!!!!! ~A$550 and you also need your
windows license.

So you will need to consider what you want to do. If you are steering away
from MS you might be better off with WIN4LIN, but if you need full support
of Windows (perhaps even 2000 and NT, which supported by VM, but not yet by
WIN4LIN) go for VMware.

Evaluate them both. They let you download for free.

Bernhard Lüder
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