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Re: [SLUG] Enlightenment

raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On 21 Sep, Michael Lake scribbled:
> ->  Turns out it help pages for Enlightenment. The E menu item "Help"
> ->  doesn't work with my Debian setup for some reason so I never found the
> ->  Interestingly the menus in Eterm don't do anything either (E 0.16.3)
> this would be the result of bad packaging. the help entry works when
> you get E from us. Rememebr distributions - nearly all, have a bad
> habit of taking e and "destryoing it" - reducing functionality,
> removing bits and resulting in it not working as intended by the
> authors. in the case of debian i think they made the help docs a
> separate package that does not get installed with enlightenment as a
> requires - it's optional - and IMHO that is just plain wrong.

In fact I looked for separate documentation on the dist CD's but its not
included (well not under enlightenment-docs or something sensible). I'll
visit E's Home and downloan the latest from the Creator :-)

Michael Lake
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