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Re: [SLUG] squid and/or routing problem

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 10:01:24AM +1000, David Kempe wrote:
> Situation:
> Office, shared by two companies. Company A has sucky Telstra ISDN 64K
> through cisco 801 router at
> Company B gets fed up with sharing this bandwidth amongst 10 others and
> wants to split. Linux box has squid on it running as (opt in)proxy for both
> companies.
> Modem on linux box. Comp B sets linux box as default gateway, masquerades,
> traffic flows out modem and back in sweet. Problem is all the company squid
> traffic also goes out the modem.
> How do i set up squid ACLS so a limited amount of source IPs only goes out
> the modem and the others go out the router at 0.1 ? Or is an ipchains
> question? Can you even do this?
> So I want squid to get traffic from some ips from one default
> gateway(router), and traffic from other ips from another default gateway
> (modem).
> Or (cop-out) should we just cut company A loose from squid and let em use no
> proxy over the ISDN?

	Hmm I don't think you can do this with squid itself. Which means 
it's pretty hard to do. You can run two squids on different ports using
different parent caches that get routed differently. But they wouldn't
be able to share the same cache.

	You can't really use ipchains or any similar routing thing
either because it's squid that makes the request and so once it hits
squid there's noway of working out which network it came from.

	Sounds like interesting bit of functionality to hack into squid