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Re: [SLUG] Linuxconf and ease of use (was: Debian)

> Doug Stalker wrote:
> My argument is that is shouldn't be gotten rid of because it's too easy to use and
> the user doesn't learn anything when using it.  Getting rid of it beacuse there are
> better, more reliable alternatives is perfectly alright.

You know what really sucks?

[More then Debian even, which *obviously* sucks!]

There *are* better system configuration tools. There *are* better
installers. There *are* better packaging tools. But we're starting to see
the distributions trying to stand out from the crowd ("product
differentiation" I believe is the term) by using their own utilities *at all
costs*. Even if there's something better out there.

Kudos to Conectiva for giving apt the ability to work with RPMs - they took
a piece of software that did its job brilliantly, and made the necessary
extensions (apt was designed to be format neutral) to enable it with their
chosen packaging tool. Well thought out *and* executed!

I'm not tooting the horn of Linux disintegration here - Linux should always
be One Kernel ("Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" not withstanding), but if
anything is going to make this tough for new users, it's baseless product

If the tool is good, don't be too proud to use it!

- Jeff

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