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RE: [SLUG] Strange Kernel Compilations

Hi Arthur

When you make the kernel use ;

make bzImage

(instead of vmlinuz)

Its not a compressed version and may look the same-ish in size, but lilo
will load the kernel differently....

alternatively you may try compiling all your possible options as modules (as
redhat kernel rpm does anyway)


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From: Arthur Barton [mailto:arthurb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [SLUG] Strange Kernel Compilations

Hey there,
   i seem to be having the strangest problems with re-compiling my kernel.
Machine in question is a relatively standard RedHat 6.2 (Zoot) install,
which i have had on other machines without problems.
The actual problem being, whenever i recompile my kernel (RH6.2 standard
2.2.14) or even trying it out with 2.4-test4(/7)(/8) it compiles fine, but
when i add it to lilo i get helpfull messages (on wrong box at the moment so
havent got exact error :-( ) something like:
Kernel size is too large.
Does this mean anything to anyone else?
never encountered this before, the image size is *smaller* than the default


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