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Re: [SLUG] Goobye to SLUG

On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 11:50:31AM +1000, Doug Stalker wrote:
> How about setting up a SLUG-OT list, where non-linux discussions that start on

SLUG-OT already exists - it's one of the 10's (100's?) of thousands of
other mailing lists or newsgroups out there which are either specifically
chartered as general (there's at least a few of these for Sydney alone),
or which are chartered as whatever it is thats being discussed. There's no
reason to create a new group when so many already exist!

> the SLUG list can been taken?  I've seen this done on a few other mailing
> lists and it helps keep the main list on topic while providing an forum for
> other discussions to be taken into.

I've seen it tried on a few lists, and every time if failed miserably. If
OT threads are starting there then they probably should be started
elsewhere. If you're expecting threads to move there from the main list
you'll most likely find they wont - or they will be CC: to the main list
as well!

The idea of splitting the list into multiple technical lists is a slightly
different issue, but I really don't think the slug list is big enough for
it (yet).