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Re: [SLUG] Goobye to SLUG

On 18 Sep, Doug Stalker scribbled:
->  Dean Hamstead wrote:
->  > slug-l33t
->  >
->  > l33t would be people who dream in c syntac, who cant see any point to
->  > running a graphical interface, people who get pissed off and recode
->  > sections of the kernel or glibc to suit their needs (eg. non-newbies)

l33t would be mental age of 8 years old, knows how to download a
tarball/script type make and run it... and that's about it. People who
would rather be destructive than constructive and put skills to work
writing code rather than making other peoples lives hell. They can stay
in "31337" land.

I don't think there should be another list. Some people lurk - others
need to learn to control their tempers and lurk quietly :)

now........ back to lurking... and doing useful stuff like coding... :)

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