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RE: [SLUG] what really pisses me off

I have been guilty of this in the past, generally in response to what I think
is an ignoratnt post. If it really pisses people off, I will stop it, but I
think it's healthy to have a bit of digression here and there. 

As long as it stays in perspective, I think it's good for the soul.



On 17-Sep-00 Ken Yap wrote:
> <rant>
> And this doesn't happen often, is that the SLUG list has been
> infiltrated with postings whinging about one thing or another: politics,
> etc. with posters vying to be the most cynical. Whatever you think is
> wrong with the world, posting to SLUG isn't going to fix it.  I don't
> know about you but I liked it better when SLUG was just for technical
> Q+A.
> </rant>
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