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Howard Lowndes wrote:

> I did hear a rumour that RAM theft is a problem in corporate
> environments.  Does anyone have any first hand experience of just how
> prevelent it might be.

Yes.  I used to work doing Technical support for a large computer company, and we
had a tech-lab where we could try to duplicate problems.  When I first started the
lab was always open.  A few months later things started to go missing - mainly
software CDs, but then a CD burner (taken durring office hours while tehre were lots
of peopel in teh office!) and some memory went missing.  There were also reports of
personal property being stolen, and soemone had half teh memory removed from their
desktop system.  Most of us assumed it was one of the many newly hired staff who
joined around the time the thefts started.

To try and stop this they put a metal detector on the tech-lab door.  Of course, if
a metal detector is sensative enough to pick up memory it will pick up any metal -
no-one could get through without setting it off.

 - Doug

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