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[SLUG] [OT] Strange motherboard restart problem.


sorry about the offtopic post. i just got a new Abit KT7-raid
motherboard and a duron 700. its pretty cool but i get a very strange
problem when restarting.

everytime i restart or shutdown, the motherboard just hangs upon
starting up. the power and hdd leds come on but thats about it. the very
strange part is that it works fine if i pull out the power cord out and
shove it back in and then start it up.

this happens if:
	* i turn the box off then turn it off.
	* restart from within linux using 'init 6'
	* go into the bios then and exit. (upon which it tries to do a restart)

this is very annoying. if you know what the problem is, please message

Thanks in advance.