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Re: [SLUG] File systems and redundency

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 11:05:40AM +1000, George Vieira (georgev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> That could be a pain. I have a +30GB database for this client to handle here
> and just worried about the performance on the file system even though it's a
> RAID 5.

RAID 5 is fast in READING but NOT WRITING. You gotta make sure what you
want, not all RAID levels have the same read or write speed.
Here is some nice info:


My suggestion for very well supported RAID controllers


I havent had ANY problems with them.
RH has the driver for the DAC960 "built in" and is very well developped.
They scream with IBM drives (mylex suggests them).

And if you have some 'real money' to spend, get RH enterprise server.
I have heard good (and bad) stuff, depending who you talk to.


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