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RE: [SLUG] Wierd host in network traffic

Have you tried tcpdump and watch everything as you said there should be
practically nothing going in out out.

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From: Graeme Merrall [mailto:graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [SLUG] Wierd host in network traffic

Hey hey.
I was wondering what was making my cable modem lights blink this morning
when nothing was running except for bpalogin on our home network. I checked
the archives and grabbed ntop which is pretty funky and started watching on
the external ethernet card.
I've been seeing some traffici to ALL-SYSTEMS.MCAST.NET which I'm unable to
idenify although a whois shows it belongs to IANA so I don't think it's
anything bad. :)
While not being a DNS exxport type person I looked in the root name servers
file and no mention of it there. 
Anyone able to shed some light?


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