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Re: [SLUG] Re: Still is??: Re: linux jobs ##

Here's what bugs me... Web developers running around saying they can code. I
can't. I know a fair bit, I've written a hell of a lot of it, and maybe I've
seen a glimpse of "getting it". It worries me greatly when I see *scripts*
(this is interpreted, baby!) with hundreds of lines of switch statements,
when a simplistic table method would have done it in maybe 5% of that (with
some helper code).

But me? I still know poopies compared to seriously skilled coders, and I
still make *absolutely* idiotic oversights. Cutting your teeth as a web
developer does that to you.

Perhaps "code" makes it sounds more "elite" (and I really hate using that word) than I meant. By code I just meant produce code that works in as efficient manner as possible. Actually thinking about the way the program will work, knowing that using algorithm A over algorithm B is a more optimal algorithm for your particular situation. I'm sure most of the stuff I've written could be optimised more but it's certainly a lot better than it could be (except for some of my 1st year uni attempts :) ). I've certainly never done any coding like you've described. (Well maybe when I was 10 with Basic, but that was before I learnt about iterative programming, so I had actually written each variation out manually. But hey, I hadn't even got to high school then). (I imagine M$ producing code like you described... ok so I just had to throw in one M$ pun..)

By "getting it" I felt Gus meant getting the concepts of programming, ie OO, recursion, ADT's, polymorphism etc etc. And if he meant that, then I can say uni helps you "get it" as I can confidently say I know those concepts fairly well now. I can't say I have 5 years experience using them in a job yet but I believe I've "got it" non the less. I certainly feel I am skilled enough to walk into a proper programming job (not web development) now that I've just about finished uni and know that I'm going to be able to work productively and that I can adapt the concepts learnt at uni to any programming language.

I definitely wouldn't compare well to a skilled coder. 3yrs of programming @ uni and 1 year of web development work doesn't really put you in that category. I'd like to think I'll get there one day. Still cutting my teeth as you say.. Actually got stuck with sysadmin stuff atm running a server so I'm getting some all round experience. No matter how much you know, there's still plenty more to learn..

A sobering thought... A couple of weeks ago I was pointed towards a Linux
Journal article about qualifications of kernel coders (I don't have the
link, but it's in their archives). It was done as research after a PHB
called them something along the lines of 3rd year college long-hairs.

Ultimately, it proved the PHB wrong, as most of the respondents (and there
were quite a few) were graduates or beyond (way beyond). There were very few

Now, I'm not saying I want to be a kernel developer (well, *everyone* wants
to be a kernel developer "when they grow up" so it doesn't count)... But it
is an indication of where education will get you.
Yep uni's good fer somethin :) And for most jobs I've seen advertised on jobnet (for example) the requirements section is prefixed with "Degree". Employers love bits of paper.


*sigh* - Jeff

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