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Re: [SLUG] Question about Email (what do u use?)

"Andrew Reilly" <areilly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Use whatever client you like, to fetch from your local spool.
> I'd _really_ like to use a GUI client sometimes, just for a
> nicer interface to attached pictures and files, and maybe, just
> maybe, nice PGP integration.  All that _and_ let me use vi to
> compose the text of my message (if that's what I feel like).
> However, such a beast doesn't exist.  So I use Mutt.  It's
> character-cell, but it isn't broken.

I'll have to try mutt sometime.
Not having a decent gui mail client for linux has been
a long time weeping sore (well IMO anyway).

All the ones I've tried kmail, tkRat etc etc have either
been too gui (ie. large, slow and unreliable) or not
enough features.  For ages now at home I've been using elm.
And it's great but a gui one would be nice.  I've even
tried netscape (for a short while).  The closest one for
me was the linux copy of Sun's mailtool but I think that
once crashed on me (I hate mail clients that are unreliable
which is why I stick to mailtool on Suns not dtmail).