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RE: [SLUG] Running SOlaris binaries on Linux?

This is the email your talking about BUT it was for SCO..
iBCS is usually a standard module

Just do a insmod iBCS.  Most SCO binaries will  run (WordPerfect 6.0 for
X-windows did)

Most applications written in older 3rd Generation languages will. (Dataflex,
COBOL Stuff)

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Subject: [SLUG] Running SOlaris binaries on Linux?

Folks {Rachel, are you listening? :-)}

I've got really, really vague memories of a discussion somewhere in the
past which may or mayt not have been on SLUG about running SOlaris
binaries under Linux.

My question is simple - is it possible without recompilation? Is there
some form of emulator/translator/API interpretor which does the job?

I'm trying to roll Linux out in a pretty big way at work - replacing
crappy WIn98 workstations with Linux machines running VMWare - but it's
essential that I get a database client which is written for Solaris
running under Linux if I can.

Any replies appreciated.


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