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Re: [SLUG] Time

Looking in your header I notice you are using outlook
Your problem is not in Linux, but most probably in Outlook

In Outlook, look at the properties, then source, of the email message and
you'll probably find the time is correct

Your PC will apply what it thinks is the offset against the time in the
email header.

The PC still thinks we are only +10 Hours on GMT

There is a patch from Microsoft for windoze for Sydney in year 2000
You could get it here if you want (it is about 100k)

You don't expect 'commercial software'  that is 'supported' that costs money
to actually work do you?

Only that free 'unsupported' crap you can get on the internet works


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From: "Peter McCarthy" <peterm@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Linux Sydney (E-mail)" <slug@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, 6 September 2000 5:56 PM
Subject: [SLUG] Time

> Howdy
> I'm having a rather strange issue with the introduction of daylight
> even after setting the clock forward in the bios the time stamp on mail
> is still an hour behind.
> when I query the system with the date command it returns the correct time.
> Any ideas ?
> I'm Running Linux RH6.1
> Thanx
> Peter McCarthy
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