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[SLUG] Dynalink TV Tuner card

Just installed a Dynalink TV Tuner card so I don't have to move during the
Olympics :)
I've got the card and the modules installed fine. 

modprobe bttv:
bttv0: Brooktree Bt878 (rev 2) bus: 0, devfn: 80, irq: 5, memory:
Sep  6 11:44:26 graeme kernel: bttv: 1 Bt8xx card(s) found.
Sep  6 11:44:26 graeme kernel: bttv0: NO fader chip: TEA6300
Sep  6 11:44:26 graeme kernel: bttv0: model: BT878(Hauppauge new)

modprobe tuner type=0
tuner: tuner type not set

I got the tuner line of Terry's webcam setup page. Now since my tuner is in
my box, have I got the right setting here? :)

Additioanlly, are there any gotchas with sound? I'm not sure if I need to
load a module for sound since it said it found no fader chip.

oh yeah, if anyone has a .xawtv with channel tunings in it, I'd love to see
it :)