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RE: [SLUG] StarOffice Net installation

> > John Wiltshire wrote:
> > > Run 'strings' on the install.  See which one you find?
> >
> > Neat idea but unfortunately it didn't return either, they
> > must have coded the parser to read a character at a time.
> >
> > Oh well eenie meenie miney....
> >
> One way to tell if you are in net install is wether it asks for registration
> details.
> The NET install doesn't ask for a registration while the standard one
> does...

I used "/net" and it worked for me (as per the readme/install
file that came with it).

Grants comment above also sounds right (from memory)
(cos after the net install, as root, you have to run setup again
as each user who wants to use it and here it asks for the rego).