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Re: [SLUG] Sawmill keeps logging out after periods of inactivity

> James Wilkinson wrote:
> jaq@willow:$ while true; do date >> foob; sleep 60; done

(My server's name is willow!)

> It only seems to happen when the kernel has blanked the screen, never
> while it's still running.  Perhaps the interaction of the kernel and my
> video card and X are causing X to die?  FWIW it's a Matrox G400 and X
> 3.3.6 with the utah-glx OpenGL module and the agpgart patch to kernel 2.2.16. 

Weird. Let's see... I have a G400, XFree86 3.3.6, utah-glx, woody, Helix...
What's missing in this picture? Check the X-Operating-System header. ;P

Hey, at least I know you have good taste now. ;)

- Jeff

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