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Re: [SLUG] Sawmill keeps logging out after periods of inactivity

On Mon, 04 Sep 2000, Jeff Waugh generated:

> * First off - and I'm sure you've done this - check to see if your machine
>   isn't rebooting out of the blue.

Yup.  The uptime on the box is 11 hours, and it's just happened again.
I've never experienced anything like this before, with other wms.  I
don't think sawfish or gnome is crashing, ~/.xsession-errors doesn't
have anything useful in it (a single line, and the file is dated a week

I ran this script just before the last time it happened (just before
Buffy tonight ;)

jaq@willow:$ while true; do date >> foob; sleep 60; done

When I logged back in after Buffy just now, the file had been written to
for about 20 minutes.  The only thing I could find that had '20 minutes'
in it was the gnome screensaver config, but this was "Turn off the
screen after 20 minutes", and was disabled because i had disabled power

I have now disabled the screensaver altogether, so I will see what
happens now.

It only seems to happen when the kernel has blanked the screen, never
while it's still running.  Perhaps the interaction of the kernel and my
video card and X are causing X to die?  FWIW it's a Matrox G400 and X
3.3.6 with the utah-glx OpenGL module and the agpgart patch to kernel 2.2.16. 


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