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RE: [SLUG] OT NT on train timetable screens vs indicator boards

From: DaZZa [mailto:dazza@xxxxxxxxxx]
>On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, bez wrote:
>> > One of them is a bank running NT on its ATM, and the damn thing had
>> > crashed!
>> >
>> > Be afraid, be very afraid!
>> I'll go one better- the checkout computers at the Broadway Coles 
>> (running what looks like NT) have been known to crash while you're 
>> buying your groceries.
>That's fine - all a checkout crashing can do is waste time - an ATM
>crashing can lose you money!
>How? Say you put in your card, plug in your PIN, select 
>withdraw, the ATM
>sends the request to the mainframe, receives confirmation that it can
>dispense money...
>And at THIS point the crappy WindoZe operating system running 
>the hardware
>You've got stuff all chance of proving it to the bank - their 
>records say
>the money was dispensed - so you're stuffed.
>I'd be changing banks if I found out the ATM's at mine were running

I'm pretty sure they have a sensor which can tell if you've actually taken
the money or not.  You'll find most banks are hideously paranoid when it
comes to dispensing money and the logs in the ATM will record (in a
non-writeback-cached manner) that the user didn't take the money before the
system failed.

I seem to recall some statistic that most ATMs actually run OS/2.

John Wiltshire