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Re: [SLUG] Extra buttons on the MS mice supported in X - Update

> As you could tell, I wanted the MS optical mouse just for its side buttons.
> And I wanted those just for quake3. From all the responses regarding this
> matter, the side-button functionality under X doesnt seem too promising. So
> I called up a (windows user) friend of mine who has one of these....
> apparently, the side buttons dont work even in windows (except for a few MS
> apps like IE5)... windows quake3 wont detect button presses from the side
> buttons etc. Hence, X support for these side-buttons seem out of the
> question.

The buttons work in x4, and if you want it for q3 then x4 is the way
to go anyway.

In windows you bind the buttons to events, so all apps can use them, in
a very similar way to X. Also if the game just gets events from the
underlying API, then it should support anything the API does
(quake 1 and 2's reliance on svgalib is an example).

THe extra buttons dont do anyhing in windows without the imouse drivers
which makes sense.... soory for the OT

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