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Re: [SLUG] Time keeps changing!

Have you been cracked?  Have a look at /etc/passwd for extra accounts.

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On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Simon Bryan wrote:

> 	Help!
> The time on my Mandrake 6.1 box keeps changing back to June 1999!
> There is nothing in the message log, or any other log that I can find that 
> indicates what is happening (part of the message log where the changeover 
> took place is included below).
> When this happens I login as root, use rdate to reset the time off our ISP's 
> Linux box. I then have to kill and restart crond.
> I have also noticed that when I login as me the prompt is:
> <sbryan@gatekeeper sbryan>
> but when I su to root it becomes
> <cgi@gatekeeper sbryan>
> I am sure the cgi bit used to say 'root'.
> Any clues appreciated as I have many of my maintenance tasks running off 
> cron and they keep stopping!
> --
> Simon Bryan                    sbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Information Technology Manager sbryan@xxxxxxxxxx
> OLMC Parramatta